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Personal Membership

Membership fees in FOLA represents
a basic source of operating revenue.  There are two types of personal

  • Individual ($30 a year)  
  • Family ($50 a year)

Individual and Family members consist of residents, property owners, or
frequent visitors to the Black River area and exhibit an interest in the
goals and objectives of FOLA. 

Individual and Family Members are entitled to vote on agenda items
at the annual membership meetings of FOLA.  They
will be given first call for tickets to FOLA-sponsored programs, advised
of program activities, and, at the annual meeting, can vote for nominees
the Board of Directors.  They will not enjoy any discounts or similar
price reductions to FOLA-sponsored programs or activities.

Business Membership

membership also exists in FOLA:

  • Corporate Business Membership
    ($100 a year)

Corporate Business Members will be invited to
the annual membership meetings but shall not have voting authority.
The primary benefits derived from this membership will be listing of the
business members in programs for FOLA-sponsored activities.

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