FOLA, based on its by-laws, is managed by a Board of Directors that number from 7 to 12 members.

Officers, who are members of the Board of Directors, include a Chair, Vice-chair, Treasurer, Program Director, and Secretary.  The current Board of Directors consists of:

Name Term Ends Name Term Ends
David Almond 2020 Janet Pace 2020
2022 Marty Nitka 2020
2020 Rachel Liff 2022
Don Richardson 2020 Harry Welch 2020
James Alic 2020 Ralph Pace 2020
Scott Stearns 2020
George Thomson 2022

Officers, elected at the 2019 annual meeting for a one year term, are


Scott Stearns, Chair

James Alic, Vice-Chair

David Almond, Treasurer

Scott Stearns, Program Director pro tem

George Thomson, Secretary

The terms of all directors are three years; director elections take place at the annual meeting in January. 


Anyone interested in serving as a Director of FOLA is invited to contact FOLA at or call (802) 228-7239.   Qualifications for Directors may be found in the FOLA “Articles of Incorporation” located in Documents.


Pictured below are the founding members of FOLA in September, 2009.  They include, from left to right, Ralph Pace, Janet Pace, David Almond, Frank Heald (Ludlow Town Manager invited to help kick-off FOLA), Bruce Farr, Anita Alic, and Christine Fuller; unavailable for the meeting was Jean Eggleston.