FOLA Switches Things Up for This Year’s Community Christmas Program

FOLA will take advantage of the opportunity to showcase a great local writer and musicians while supporting a good cause, the Dana-Farber Cancer Marathon Challenge.  FOLA will host a screening of the animated Christmas classic “Polar Express” on Friday December 20 at 6pm and then on Saturday December 21 at 7pm FOLA will co-host Jon Clinch, Camille Parker, and Graham Parker for evening of holiday music and storytelling in the Heald Auditorium in the Ludlow Town Hall.

A scene from the Christmas movie, “Polar Express”

Things kick off on Friday December 20 with a screening of the “Polar Express”. The movie is free, but donations for the effort are appreciated to contribute to Dana-Farber.  There are rumors that Santa Claus might be making an appearance after the movie. 

On December 21 at 7pm, FOLA and The Book Nook will co-host an evening with Jon Clinch, Camille Parker and Graham Parker (of Gypsy Reel.  Clinch will read excerpts from his recent novel, “Marley”, which recounts the life of Jacob Marley, former partner of one Ebenezer Scrooge.  Ron Charles of the Washington Post called it a “a clever riff on ‘A Christmas Carol’.  Clinch and the Parkers will perform festive holiday music as well. Copies of “Marley” will be on sale and can get be signed by Clinch after the performance. 

FOLA hopes to see you in the Heald Auditorium on Friday December 20 and on Saturday December 21 to help celebrate the Christmas season here in Ludlow. 

FOLA  Announces Main Schedule for 2020 Season 

FOLA (Friends of Ludlow Auditorium) announces its main schedule for the forthcoming 2020 season.  In its recent meeting, the FOLA Board of Directors Program Committee presented its recommendations for the new year which were adopted by the board. 

K2, the second tallest mountain in the world, was initially know as Mt. Goodwin-Austin after the English surveyor who initially determined its height.

The 2020 season will begin with a documentary on the ascent of the second tallest mountain in the world, K2, a mountain considered by climbers to be far more difficult and demanding than Mt. Everest.  The attached photo of K2 depicts its ruggedness. 

FOLA will continue its series of three movies featuring well-known performers and directors.  This year’s series will feature three outstanding films starring Robin Williams. 

The annual Silent Movie Festival will feature a classic comedy by Harold Lloyd, “The Freshman”. 

The full schedule for FOLA events, which start at 7 PM, in the Heald Auditorium of Ludlow Town Hall in 2020 will include: 

DATE             EVENT 

Jan. 4           Movie – “K2: Beyond the Comfort Zone”

Feb. 8           Movie – “Easy Rider”

Mar. 14         Broadway – “The King and I”

Apr. 18         Movie – “Moscow on the Hudson”

May 2           Movie – “Good Morning Vietnam”

May 16         Movie – “Awakenings”

Jun. 20         Movie – “O Brother, Where Art Thou”

Jul. 11          Movie – “Apollo 11”

Jul. 25          Movie – “Duck Soup”

Aug. 15         Silent Movie Festival – “The Freshman”

Aug. 29         Movie – “Green Book”

Sep. 19         Movie – “The Anchorman”

Oct. 3           Movie – “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane”

Oct. 24         Movie – “Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein”

Nov. 14         Movie – “Plane, Trains, and Automobiles”

Dec. 19         Community Christmas Celebration 

In addition to these scheduled dates, FOLA may add additional events which will be announced during 2020. 

As is the policy of FOLA, all of these events are free and open to everyone; donations are appreciated to cover the costs of the planned events and activities.