FOLA to Screen “Daddy Long Legs” Musical on September 7

The Off Broadway musical, “Daddy Long Legs”, will be streamed by FOLA on Saturday September 7 at 7 PM in the Frank Heald Auditorium in Ludlow Town Hall.

Based on the Jean Webster’s 1912 New England novel, “Daddy Long Legs” tells the story of the “oldest orphan in the John Grier Home”, Jerusha Abbot, and her epistolary relationship with her anonymous benefactor, known only as John Smith. He agrees to put Jerusha through college on the condition that she write him a letter every month about her life and learnings at college. And then, after she has graduated from college, become a published author and fallen in love, she asks for a meeting with her mysterious benefactor.  He agrees to meet, and after they meet, Jerusha’s life will never be the same.  A small, intimate production by two wonderful Broadway performers, it showcases the coming of age of a young woman and her complicated, but heartwarming, love story.

The musical is free and open to everyone and runs about two hours; donations are appreciated. For information, call 802-228-3238.

FOLA to Screen Hollywood Adaptation of the Tennessee Williams’ Play “Sweet Bird of Youth” September 21 

“Sweet Bird of Youth” will be shown on the big screen in the Heald Auditorium at the Ludlow Town Hall on Saturday, September 21 at 7pm.

Directed and adapted for the screen by Richard Brooks, “Sweet Bird of Youth” is a 1962 film drama based on the successful 1959 Broadway play of the same name by Tennessee Williams. It features Paul Newman, Geraldine Page, and Shirley Knight.  The film was nominated for three Academy Awards and won one.

The film version cleans up the stage version and focuses on the relationship between Chance Wayne, a drifter (Paul Newman), a faded film star Alexandra Del Lago (Geraldine Page) and Wayne’s former hometown girlfriend, Heavenly Finley (Shirley Knight).  

After a seemingly disastrous movie premier, Wayne and Del Lago make their way to Wayne’s hometown of St. Cloud, Florida.  He soon rekindles his relationship with Heavenly Finley, much to the consternation of her political kingpin father, “Boss” Finley, who forced Wayne to leave town years earlier.   When Del Lago is called back to Hollywood on the success of what she thought was a failed movie, Wayne is left to face the music in his hometown. 

 “Sweet Bird of Youth” will be screened on Saturday September 21st at 7pm. It is free and open to everyone (donations are appreciated). The movie is rated R and runs one hour and twenty minutes. Berkshire Bank will provide the popcorn and FOLA will supply the water. For information, call 802-228-3238.