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"Our purpose is to promote the use of the Ludlow Auditorium

for the benefit and entertainment of the people of Ludlow,

the surrounding Black River & Okemo Valley area, and its visitors"


While You're here, take a look at what FOLA is all about . . .

FOLA Notes

FOLA Kicks Off Fund Rasing for New 2019 Projects

FOLA began its fund raising efforts to underwrite the costs of new projects it has planned for 2019.

Included in these projects are:

• Upgrading stage & balcony spotlights

• Completing the audio consolidation in the balcony

• Designing a permanent stage setting & rigging

• Installing modern risers for group performers on stage

To help FOLA realize these goals, interested donors may contribute to FOAL by using the online facilities of this web site by clicking HERE or mail their donation to:


1 Whispering Pines

Ludlow, VT 05149

All contributions are tax-deductible since FOLA is a 501(c)(3) organization.



Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates Debate Issues in Ludlow

The four Democratic party primary candidates seeking the party's nomination for Governor participated in a Candidates' forum in the Heald Auditorium in Ludlow Town Hall recently. The forum, moderated by James Alic and sponsored by FOLA, addressed questions covering property taxes, educational funding, minimum wages, gun laws, and the lack of civility in political debates. Assisting Alic were Jacalyn Diesenhouse, acting as timer, and Kevin Kuntz, who handled audience questions, which were numerous and pointed. Okemo Valley TV video recorded the forum for statewide distribution. The candidates are pictured above. From left to right, they are James Ehlers, Christine Hallquist, Brenda Siegel, and Ethan Sonneborn. The Primary Election is Tuesday, April 14; absentee ballots are available at the Town clerk's office prior to that date.


Thanks to Wright Construction & LaValleys, Stage Floor Gets Renewed

With the kind help of Wright Construction of Mt. Holly and LaValleys of Ludlow who supplied the paint, both the stage floor and the back stage areas of Heald Auditorium received two coats of new paint. Below, the Wright Construction crew is pictured. They are, from left to right, Chris Lafrenier, Rich Butrimas, Scott Grover, Scott Robertson, Joe Poston, Gordon Ashcroft, Carl Lavallee II, Sara Lavallee, Cody Lavallee, Autumn Lavallee , and Carl Lavallee III.

In addition to giving the floor a well-deserved coat of paint, Wright Construction also removed an extremely heavy piano harp which had plagued us since we dismantled the old piano.

Many thanks to the folks at Wright Construction and LaValley for their help in restoring the stage floor - and removing the piano harp!



(Pictured above is the cast of the FOLA Follies of 2016 in the opening number.)

Missed seeing the FOLA Follies of 2016?  You can still see the show - just

click HERE !!!


Checkout FOLA's Summary of Activities and Accomplishments by clicking HERE.



Coming Movies:

November 24, 2018

at 7 PM

"Best in Show"


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Hit Broadway Play, "Present Laughter", Featured by FOLA Saturday, November 10

Candidates for VT Senate and House Debate on Thursday, October 25 in Heald Auditorium

On Thursday, October 25 at 7 PM eight candidates for the Vermont Senate and House will meet in a Candidates' Forum in the Heald Auditorium at Ludlow Town Hall.

The event, sponsored by FOLA, will concentrate on issues facing the state and local region.

Participating in the panel are six candidates for the Windsor County seats in the Vermont Senate and the two candidates vying for the Rutland-Windsor-2 (RW2) House seat that represents Ludlow, Mount Holly, and Screwsbury.

The participating Windsor County Senate Candidates will include:

They are, from left to right, Alison Clarkson, Dem; Randy Gray, Rep; Dick McCormack, Dem; Alice Nitka, Dem; Mason Wade, Ind; and Jack Williams, Rep. Invited, but not responding, was Wayne Townsend, Rep.

The RW2 candidates are Peter Berger, Ind; and Logan Nicoll, Dem; pictured to the right.

The forum will be moderated by Ralph Pace. Other FOLA members will participate as time-keeper and for audience questions.

The forum will follow procedures limiting candidate response time and offering candidates an opportunity to express reasons for voting for them following the completion of questions from the moderator and audience members. The event will be video recorded by Okemo Valley TV.

For additional information, call (802)228-7239.

"Present Laughter", Broadway Comedy, Featured on Saturday, November 10

FOLA will stream the classic comedy, "Present Laughter", starring Kevin Kline, on Saturday, November 10 at 7 PM in Heald Auditorium in Ludlow Town Hall. 

Present Laughter is a comic play written by Noël Coward. The plot follows a few days in the life of the successful and self-obsessed light comedy actor Garry Essendine as he prepares to travel for a touring commitment in Africa. Amid a series of events bordering on farce, Garry has to deal with women who want to seduce him, placate both his long-suffering secretary and his estranged wife, cope with a crazed young playwright, and overcome his impending mid-life crisis (since he has recently turned forty). The story was described by Coward as "a series of semi-autobiographical pyrotechnics". 

A Broadway revival opened in April 2017 at the St. James Theatre, starring Kevin Kline as Garry, Kate Burton (who played Daphne in the 1982 revival) as Liz, Reg Rogers as Morris, Cobie Smulders as Joanna, and Kristine Nielsen as Monica, with direction by Moritz von Stuelpnagel. The production team included producer Jordan Roth, scenic design by David Zinn, costume design by Susan Hilfrety, lighting design by Justin Townsend, sound design by Fitz Patton, and hair design by Josh Marquette. 

The play all takes place in Garry's apartment.  Present Laughter follows Garry Essendine, a self-indulgent actor who receives a visit from a young admirer, initiating a parade of intruders and interruptions, including his ex-wife, his manager and an aspiring playwright - all as he prepares for his tour in Africa. 

The play was first produced in London in 1942;  contrary to Noel Coward's wishes, Winston Churchill decided he would be of greater value to the war effort as a playwright and performer rather than as a soldier.  Coward played the role of Garry in that producion. 

The play is open to everyone and is free; donations to support FOLA are appreciated.  For information, call (802)228-7239 or visit the  FOLA web site at

"A Ghost Story",a Very Diffferent Story, Saturday, October 20

Click Here for preview

"A Ghost Story" will be FOLA's film on Saturday, October 20 at 7 PM in the Heald Auditorium at Ludlow Town Hall.

A Ghost Story is a 2017 American supernatural drama film written and directed by David Lowery. It stars Casey Affleck, Rooney Mara, Will Oldham, Sonia Acevedo, Rob Zabrecky, and Liz Franke. Affleck plays a man who becomes a ghost and remains in the house he shares with his wife. The film had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on January 22, 2017. 

Roger Ebert, the renown film critic, summarized the film thusly:   "I rarely see a movie so original that I want to tell people to just see it without reading any reviews beforehand, including my own. David Lowery’s “A Ghost Story” is one of those movies. So I’m urging you . . .  to just see it and save this review for later. . . . This tale of a man who dies young and lingers around the property where he and his wife once lived is bound to be one of the most divisive films of the year. I didn’t know anything about it going in, except that its main character was a person who dies and spends the rest of the movie walking around mute, wearing a white sheet with eyeholes cut out of it. The film is a ghost story, in the sense that there’s a ghost in it, but it’s also many other things: a love story, a science fiction-inflected story about time travel and time loops, and a story about loneliness and denial, and the ephemeral nature of the flesh, and the anxiousness that comes from contemplating the end of consciousness". 

A. O. Scott, film critic for the New York Times, noted: " 'A Ghost Story' works so well because it shouldn’t work at all. Starting with a quote from Virginia Woolf, it wears its literary pedigree on its sleeve, yet it manages to feel fresh and inventive rather than stale or studied. It’s like an old tale by Saki or Henry James read for the first time: hair-raising and clever, a tour de force of sensation and a triumph of craft".

The movie is open to everyone and is free; donations are appreciated. Popcorn will be supplied by
Berkshire Bank and water by FOLA. For information, call (802)228-7239 or visit the FOLA web site at


Thanks, AGAIN!

Through your generous contributions this year, FOLA has been able to:

* upgrade our audio system into a single, high-quality system

* replace a worn-out lighting control console with a new, state-of-the-art device

* construct a new dressing room for our performers

* continue and enhance our streaming programming

We're planning on more improvements this year and hope you'll continue to help us present quality entertainment and public service programming in the beautiful Ludlow Town Hall Auditorium.



Mail to: 


1 Whispering Pines

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